Living on the Fault Line...Tales from L.A.

A Free 13 Part Short Story Series
Hello to friends out there in the ether. Welcome to life in the 21st Century in Los Angeles, the place where everyone wants to live – or, if not to live, to scorn. Join me in tales of human angst, love, and folly. The characters range from an unhappily married rich couple to a 70-year old stoner. You’ll meet an aspiring actress, a lesbian couple, a studio secretary who likes to party, and a woman who’s unhappy with her feet. Relationships are explored, as are life and times in the land of earthquakes and eternal sunshine. Take a look. Come on in…

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01. When Love Congeals

An empty marriage, a 25th anniversary, an unhappy Beverly Hills couple- a recipe for trouble.

02. Mick & Lila

The bittersweet end of a relationship between two women and a dog, living in the downtown Arts District.

03. Ugly Toes

Lily Antin lies in her bathtub in Silverlake, reviewing her life, her loves and her toes, all of which come up wanting.

04. Buzzed

Sara Jane Fisher has one too many Margaritas at Albies Cantina in Hollywood, and wakes up to find her life irrevocably changed.

05. The Rabbit Hole

Recently widowed Ellen Cooper wakes one day in her suburban home to find herself with uninvited guests who turn her life upside down.

06. Memoirs of a 70-Year-Old Stoner

The rambling perceptions of a long-time Laurel Canyon denizen, who’s pretty much seen it all.

07. The White Cat

Old Wiley Frame’s new West Hollywood neighbor was the prettiest girl he’d ever seen. Her life seemed perfect; but of course reality proved other wise.

08. The Woman Who Loved Donald Trump

Celeste Fryman is a displaced Brentwood matron, now living on the wrong side of the tracks. She’s saved from despair by her love for “The Donald”.

09. Kafka-Esque

In the flats of Hollywood in a ‘20s bungalow, a woman encounters a terrifying visitor in her kitchen. The intruder may or may not be real.

10. 40 Days & 40 Nights

Estranged siblings, find themselves thrown together in their childhood home , trapped in Benedict Canyon by an epic rainstorm.They are prisoners of their past,; and not too happy a past it is.

11. The Delirium

Have you ever had your life changed by a bolt from the blue? Have you ever opened your eyes one morning, and realized that nothing would ever be the same? Meet the delirium.

12. Mr. Rhee Dreams

Simon Rhee is someone you will come to know as you wander through his dream f life—from youth to old age.

13. The Big One

Sandy Shore lives near the La Brea Tar Pits, and worries obsessively about “The Big One”; but she has no idea of when it’s coming or what it is. Her worries prove to be justified.


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