"A clear new voice offering a startling, memorable debut. In this psychological thriller, a reclusive artist opens up to her new neighbors with life-changing consequences... In her debut, Strick successfully writes with the confidence of a seasoned author. Her prose is often striking… the narrative’s emotional layers grow increasingly complex;…characters…achieve beautiful realization… it is executed masterfully…"

From Kirkus Reviews

"KINGDOM COME, CA is an astonishingly fine book - and the fact that it is a debut novel makes its appearance all the more important. Judy Strick not only knows how to write a mesmerizing story, but she also knows the climate - physical as well as psychological - of her home, Southern California… Writing of this fascinating quality comes around too rarely. Catch it at it's nascent best… Highly Recommended."

by Grady Harp

"One of the best reads that has come my way in a long time. Kingdom Come, CA will almost blind-side you with a surprise ending. Superbly crafted, hugely enjoyable read!...Two thumbs up!"

by Grandma, Amazon Reviewer

"The characters, the setting, the writing all pulled me towards the end too quickly. The Southern California setting was dead-on and even the incidental details were perfect. But the characters are what really made this story for me. … I couldn't put it down. Hard to believe it was a debut novel. I only hope the author can be as prolific as John Irving."

by Katherine R Brandon

About Judy Strick

      Judy Strick’s career might metaphorically be likened to a journey down a river- whatever river you will: the Nile, The Amazon, the Yangtze- something foreign- with unexpected stays in exotic ports; although indeed she has not strayed far from Los Angeles for most of her life.

     Her trajectory has carried her through the world of fine art, the world of commercial art, a brief visit to the world of screenwriting, which led her down the tributary she had been heading for all her life. She is writing fiction now, and has finally sunk roots.

     Strick was trained at Otis art institute (as it was called then), with an MFA in art. She was a founding partner in Triad Graphic Workshop, during which time she exhibited extensively- both prints and painting.

     The next stop was commercial art. Judy was an illustrator/art director and co owner of L.A. PictureWorks, a cutting edge gift card company. Then she designed toys for Mattel among others, and became known as “The Queen of Cute” for her skills as a plush designer.

      Third stop; a foray into childrens’ books, which led to screenwriting, which let to classes at AFI and UCLA. She has written several screenplays and treatments, which were optioned, which led to nothing. Not uncommon.

      And finally, the right port of call, Literature...Fiction

     That’s it. That’s where she’s staying. Even though she still lives in L.A. and finally likes the weather.