Stories from California

The Golden State, La La Land, endless summer, California Dreamin’, foggy Frisco, the cutting edge, the melting pot, freeway culture, endless suburbs, earthquake faults, redwood forests, the Golden Gate Bridge, snow covered mountains. Ski bums and beach bums and waiters who are actors, and a million kinds of ethnic foods... Welcome to my world.

“Judy Strick not only knows how to write a mesmerizing story, but she also knows the climate of her home, Southern California. She seems to be in contact with those strange phenomena peculiar to Southern California . . . from the Pacific Ocean through the various disparate valleys to the mountains, the sense of ever-changing landscape of the city of Los Angeles.”
– Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

Kingdom Come

“Touching, magical and haunting. A story about the wounds we futiley try and hide, and all the ways they climb back to the surface.” J. Barton Miller, author of “The Conquered Earth” series.

Free Short Stories:
Living on the Faultline

Meet the denizens of L.A. , city and suburb, each one with a a compelling tale to tell, about life in the land of eternal sunshine…

Free Serialized Novel:

A serialized novel, in the tradition of the cliffhanger. A work in progress. A man returns to the small town he abandoned many years ago, hoping to rewrite his life.

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